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Moving is tough, but we are here to remove the stress and strain of moving. Please find our frequently asked questions below.

  • How long is the moving experience?
    Each moving experience is unique, but the key factors are: 1. The number of items to be moved 2. The distance between the Place of Origin to the Destination 3. The ease of accessing and exiting the locations
  • Will Big Kat Moving disassemble and reassemble the beds?
    Yes. This is included in our standard service.
  • Will Big Kat Moving call the customer when in-route to the job?
    Yes. This is a standard practice.
  • Does Big Kat Moving offer storage services?
    Yes, Big Kat Moving offers storage services.
  • Does Big Kat Moving provide/offer disposal services?
    Yes, Big Kat Moving does provide donation and disposal services.
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